15 JUNE 2012 \ GET BETTER Released

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 GET BETTER Festival Poster by  Christopher Koelle .

GET BETTER Festival Poster by Christopher Koelle.

Originally posted the day Emily and I released our film, GET BETTER.

There has never been another moment in cinema like the one in which we are presently living. Even as the big movies get bigger, it is now possible for the small movies to get better. 

The opportunity to make a film like GET BETTER came about with the convergence of three technological advances: the ubiquity of social media, DSLR High Definition (HD) photography, and the rise of wide-spread Internet-based media distribution.

The tools of social media helped us find an audience and raise production funds for our film. Recent advances in digital camera technology helped us capture the striking, cinematic images of our film. And the ability to share our work instantly, means that the dream of making a living making movies is now within our reach.

GET BETTER meets its moment simply: a small family of actors, filmmakers, storytellers exploring the delicate intricacies of adult relationships without a trace of cynicism…hopeful that the inspired collaboration will find its audience eager to join.