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I look at the photo:

“May 1972” is machine-stamped on the back.

Proof that I celebrated my second birthday with a party at my grandparents’ house in Chattanooga.

I look up the weather report for that day: a lovely, 75-degree spring Saturday.

I imagine that close relatives were there...both aunts (Gloria and Carolyn) there with their boys (Jeff, Rick, Stephen)…Gann and Paw Paw too, of course.

My last three-person White family birthday party. The next year, my mother would be very pregnant with my sister…born Robin Leigh, 2 June 1973.

My family lived in Orlando at that time. My father was being trained to work at Sears. I think of the three of us driving north on Highway 27 for the birthday party in our convertible Volkswagen Beatle…”Flat Baroque” by The Carpenters on the radio.

Bet we left early in the morning.

But mom remembers it differently. She’s pretty sure that we were in Orlando that day…a party with the Gruby’s that afternoon. I was given a huge, stuffed Snoopy.

She has a picture, too.