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There will be a moment when you’re struck dumb by the helplessness of everyone on your team.

You’ve been infinitely resourceful, unwavering in your confidence…invested so much, brought everything to the table. (You built the entire table!) And to a person, they seem apathetic about that…like, you’re lucky to have the little bit of them that you do.

You whine: “Do you realize what I’ve given you? Do you know how rare this opportunity is? Do you remember how hopeless things seemed before I invited you in?”

They’ll politely request—without a trace of irony—that you do a little more to make them more…comfortable.

Keep calm. This has been happening since the very first big ideas…since the earliest enlistment of fellow men to execute grand tasks. It’s nothing personal. You did it, too…when you apprenticed at the feet of ambitious men.

It’s how we all were…before we were brave.