A swish-pan of joy.

Added on by Chris WHITE.

2008-2009. My last full year as a public high school drama teacher.

I directed Tina Howe’s "Museum" and my own adaptation of Rian Johnson’s film, BRICK. Both were great. But…I also had two classes of Film Criticism. And both felt like wrestling with your most cherished dog of childhood.

That raggedy-ass collection of kids would trot happily into my classroom and we’d just kind of roll around on the floor for 50 minutes laughing until we cried.

That couldn’t have been responsible teaching and learning…but I bet it was the truest teaching and learning happening in the entire school some days.

All of it, a swish pan of joy.

Didn’t matter what film or how hard the Friday test. When I was bad, it was good. When they were bad, it was good.

I don’t miss being a teacher. I miss making plays with teenagers…and that last year of film crit.