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A grad school friend, Niam, lives in Beruit. When she heard that my new film TAKEN IN had been funded, she wished me well on Facebook.

This got me thinking about how large...and small the world is these days.

On the train in Sydney NSW.

On the train in Sydney NSW.

I mean, most of the backers who donated money to help me make the film are from around here…South Carolina, Western North Carolina...the Southeastern United States. But I have a whole lot of supporters from other places, too.

Jay is from Boston. John is from East Hartford. Corn Mo and Jennifer and Kristi and Monica & Dean are from New York City.

Michael and Pat and Rebekah are from Cincinnati. Adam & Matty and Mary Beth live in Chicago. Jessica lives in Ames. And Nicole is from Madison.

Cait lives in Pittsburgh. Michael lives in Washington, DC. Drew’s from Charlottesville. Dar is from Christiansburg. Andy is from South Boston. Kevin lives in Elizabeth City. Tom lives in Saint Augustine.

David and Kristi and Terry live in Atlanta. William is from Augusta…and Andy lives in Adairsville. Judy and Rebecca live in Chattanooga. Karen is from Knoxville. Alex and Rob live near Nashville. Hart is in Memphis.

Chris and Kelley live in Dallas. Miranda is from Austin. Dorothy is from Lincoln.

Cardin is from Colorado Springs. Rey hails from Denver. Jen is in Scottsdale. Amanda and Jordan and Laura are from Los Angeles.

Steve is from, Bainbridge Island to be exact.

Phil lives in Glasgow. Brian lives in Krakow. Jack and Thomas live in Singapore. Jake & Jessica live in Yeongju (South Korea).


Alice and Steph are from Sydney.