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There will no longer be space shuttles in the sky.

Which, I suppose, is fine. I’d never been that big of a fan of space shuttles. They’d always seemed a bit too...Soviet. Never really looked like spaceships should…which, frankly, is the coolest thing about manned space exploration: the ships, the gear, the suits.

Guy in a space shuttle dresses like my grandfather did when he was a welder back in the 1940s…like he carries his lunch to work in a pail.

There was something narcissistic about space shuttles. All that circling, gazing down, launching cable TV satellites, doing science fair experiments with ant colonies. Space shuttles were unusually tethered to the world below.

Utterly, science-nonfiction.

And yet…I’m already missing the big lugs. Those paunchy space planes with their Helvetica nametags and rusty rocket legs and damnable black tile bellies.

We’ve officially touched down after half a century of otherworldliness.