Reflections on TAKEN IN, one year later.

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Feels good seeing the film play at the Indie Grits Festival in Columbia, SC this week.

 Directing under a roller coaster.

Directing under a roller coaster.

The fact that I can still watch it and feel so pleased with it...the collection of choices that turned into TAKEN IN, is a bit surprising. Not sure why. Am I that paranoid about my work?

The cast shines, of course...Daniel's pictures are gorgeous, Jeter's sound editing is especially masterful. And Colin's song at the end. So many nice details. And Vince McCall's type choice: Anchor Medium, all caps, for the titles. It's such a small detail, but we noticed then, and I notice now. The film was loved on. And you can tell.

There is something else about TAKEN IN that it's director notices less than a year from its completion: it feels...surefooted, confident. Like, it knows what it wants to be, is comfortable being that, and isn't frantic for you to understand it.

So strange. Because finding it, capturing the "groove" of it...was anything but confident. Just decisions. In the moment. Deciding. Considering the options and choosing.