Cheers to DRAMAC!

Added on by Chris WHITE.

BRICK The Play as presented by Macquarie University’s student-run theatre guild, was a rousing success.


Working from a more streamlined script, the story’s high action content was emphasized...and with it, an absolutely fearless journey into Brendan’s (played with grave conviction by Andrew Jackson) desperate quest for the truth.

Laura, deftly played by Steph Merriman, was precisely the femme fatale we were hoping for. As her role in the cover-up is revealed, we gasp. It’s not how we expected things to go. Ah, noir!

Isabella Woolley as Brain was compelling in her thinking-gal’s devotion to the good fight. Matt Dennis’ Dode was spot-on. And Nib Brattoni’s Pin was the show-stopping highlight it is meant to be (with the Aussie accent...shades of Alan Rickman, perhaps?).

Excellent performances ran deep into the cast list. No doubt, DRAMAC’s BRICK The Play will be hard to out-do.