"Hello. My name is Coach White."

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Radical changes are in store for the J.L. Mann drama program.

First, there's me; Coach White. I don't do drama like anyone else. To me, high school drama is all about RESPECT. Respect for others, for yourself, for the theatre. In that order. So get used to hearing me talk about it. There's a whole lot of respect talk coming your way.

Also...when it comes to producing theatre, I believe our plays should rival the state championship for excitement. I think they should be of a quality equal to most college theatre. I think the plays we produce should be about important ideas. In short, I think what we produce for a paying audience should be totally kick ass...muscular...brave...important. With your help, I guarantee you will see such a production this coming spring.

Stay tuned for more cool stuff...I plan to announce the title, audition and production dates for this spring's Mann Show right here...on this blog...sometime in early December. Also, students who check in with this site will very often recieve answers to bonus questions on tests, recommendations for the absolute coolest movies, links to hot sites, and the most up-to-date information. For instance, did you know that students will be able to letter in Drama beginning this year? It's true. Want to know what our new theater at the New Mann will look like? I plan to post the architect's drawings right here. Anyone see SUPERMAN RETURNS? Did you dig it? I did. But for reasons that may surprise you...

So. Keep up with Mann Show 2007. I'll keep you down with Mann Drama.

Originally published on the Mann Show 2007 blog.