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The second week of WAIT UNTIL DARK is finished. One weekend (three performances) remain.


It struck me at yesterday's matinee that it must be strange seeing your teacher on stage...acting. Is it?

I often encourage other high school drama teachers to get on stage at least once a year...to give their students the opportunity to see them act. Most don't. First, it is a considerable time commitment, and drama teachers stay very busy all year long. Second, many drama teachers just haven't done it in a while. They may be nervous that if they don't "wow" their students, they may lose some street cred. And finally, many drama teachers don't act on community stages because, well, there are so very few opportunities to do so. Even in Greenville—a city of four active community theaters—it's often difficult to break in.

What do you think? Does it add to your experience as a drama student to see me act? Does it "extend my teaching beyond the classroom?" Does it make a difference at all?

It may not. But it'd be cool to share your comments with other drama teachers who are considering acting...in front of their students.