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Sisters standing, backs to the Mississippi River. From a time when children endured having their picture taken, rather than preen for them.


I snapped this one. Dutifully. With a hand-me-down, twin-reflex box camera. These were the sisters Robin and I met and played with that day. So recorded.

“Hi and goodbye.”

I remember that there were butterflies...hundreds of butterflies. And shoe-sucking mud along the banks. So hot. And when the shutter snapped, I turned the knob...wrapping polite sisters around the cold, dark spool deep inside.

Then what? A sideways glance towards the grownups laughing and telling stories...slow drift out of our poses and eight and a half more minutes with these playmates of our past.

Last glance returned with a dull stare through back seat window...dappled with the reflection of leafy-green branches.

The tall one...Ashley? A big sister name, surely.