At wrap, GET BETTER.

Added on by Chris WHITE.

I just wrapped my third narrative film project this year.

Along the way, some discoveries. Here’s one: I am getting better with practice…producing and directing, writing these movies. I am starting to find that the answers come more readily than they did a year ago. I am more confident in my vision, with my choices.

I feel prepared for this moment, professionally…like I have arrived here with a process…a means to an end, but more importantly, I feel like I finally know what I have to say.

I meet many young filmmakers. Most have technical savvy, personal passion, and more than their fair share of drive and ambition. What they lack is self-knowledge…a sense of how their art is created (process) and what it is they have to say.

But there’s just no telling some young filmmaker this. Process and voice must be earned and experienced, not heard or taught.