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We mark the passing of Labor Day by shutting down our air conditioning and opening every window.

Cross-currents of neighborhood wind and noise fill our home. Suddenly, we inside have become one with the outside. We taste the air when we chew…we smell the rain and grass and street.

(This morning I smelled a skunk. Not pleasant, but reassuring nonetheless.)

Garbage trucks aren't that loud when your windows are locked down tight. You don't hear every single car pass. No impatient 4 AM car honks coming from the neighbor's driveway.

Conservationists advocate man's participation in the nature that surrounds him on economic grounds. Naturalists step into the outside for fun. Moralists wrap their arms around each tree like a lover.

But we open our windows in the fall to more deeply appreciate the cocoon of sheets and quilts we sleep in. We do it to be closer to each other.