7 years old

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 Chris and Robin White. Late July, 1977. Columbia, SC. Near Harbison Lake.

Chris and Robin White. Late July, 1977. Columbia, SC. Near Harbison Lake.

That’s my little sister Robin and I…all set up just outside of our neighborhood’s real estate sales office…a building called “The Diorama” for most of my childhood. (It later became “Scout Hut.” Now, it’s gone.)

This is the day I put on a Muscular Dystrophy Association “backyard carnival” for neighborhood kids and their families.

These carnivals were pretty popular all over the United States in the sixties and seventies…and not just for MDA. Many charities promoted them to mobilize children in support of fundraising efforts.

I remember that there was a complete how-to package I picked up at a McDonalds. It had ride tickets, posters to distribute around the neighborhood, instructions on various games to offer and how to turn in your money to Jerry Lewis at the end.

(I did get to be on television a few weeks later during the annual MDA telethon. My sister and our friends took our pencil box of money to the WOLO 25 studios and gave it to a friendly man in a tuxedo…but not to Jerry Lewis. He was in Vegas I think. I still remember how the curtains in the television studio muffled your voice when you spoke close to them.)

I’m wearing my trusty Harbison T-shirt in the photo. Harbison is the name of the subdivision where my family and I lived from the summer of 1977 to the winter of 1990. You can see the top of the logo-H on my shirt. It was an abstracted treetop. They still use it today.

My ticket booth looks like an upside-down detergent box. May have been leftover from our just-completed move to South Carolina from Tennessee.

I seem kind of godfather-like there, don’t I? Robin standing at my back, bodyguard-style…looking sharply left because there could be trouble brewing at the Ring Toss.