Alan Ray, Cinematographer

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 Alan Ray, DP for GET BETTER, with his daughter Brianna.

Alan Ray, DP for GET BETTER, with his daughter Brianna.

I've known Alan Ray for several years...primarily through a mutual friend (Steve Mahone) who we greatly admire. Alan shot Steve's film RADIANT. I still think it's one of the most beautiful no-budget movies I've ever seen.

I've wanted Alan to shoot a movie for me ever since I met him (he shot an infomercial I directed in the spring of 2006). Alan is a Zen-like presence on any set...a lover of actors and what they bring to the process, while mindful of what it takes to shoot gorgeous, indelible

Alan lives in Austin, TX with his family (wife, Katrina and their three children). He's a painter and a actor, too. That's one of the reasons I want to work with him on GET BETTER...I want to turn the camera into one of the characters for this film. With Alan operating, I know that he'll have the patience to find our truest performances.

Alan is passionate about science his recent projects reflect. I love that he'll bring his childlike-excitement for movies to our set. We'll need this energy to push us to a new get better at making movies.

This past year, Alan's been shooting almost non-stop. We feel so fortunate to get him.