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There is a fundamental sacredness to the story Emily and I are writing that transcends the medium in which it will ultimately be presented.

You will know GET BETTER as a movie…an artsy, independent film that some guy wrote with his wife and turned into a pretty decent way to pass 90 minutes. I’m glad for that. We will strive for that.

What is not required, is that you know that the co-writer and director was, in effect, on his knees the whole time…praying it into being.

GET BETTER is a story of lives lived within razor-close proximity to a relentless and devastating disease that is quite literally eating away one of the character’s very being. It is a story of how that disease grabs hold of, twists and corrupts…how it reaches beyond the man it is killing, and picks a fist fight with those who will remain standing after he is gone.

I consider this to be sacred ground. I think of this story in biblical proportions. I believe that it is nothing short of the most important story I could possibly tell at this moment.

It is my wife’s story…her father’s story, her family’s story. It is a tragedy. And it will be treated with reverence.

Rothko Chapel, Houston TX USA

Rothko Chapel, Houston TX USA

We are making a film. But this has nothing to do with Hollywood, my career, the technology we will employ in the making, or any of the utter nonsense people who make films (or talk about making films) natter and chatter about.

GET BETTER will be our best attempt to tell a very sad and complicated story about how we must live with the disease that ravages us all. It will be handmade with deep, profound love…by men and women who get that, who understand that, and who will unnaturally give everything they’ve got to it.

I realize that this may sound pretentious, grand, even immature…to step into this project with such ambition. I can assure you that it is not.

Look at everything we’ve given up to have this one chance, this one shot to create this family of filmmakers and artists…to tell this story, this way.

There is only GET BETTER now. And soon, it will be yours to share.