I am a two-faced liar.

Added on by Chris WHITE.

We launched a Kickstarter-hosted fundraiser for pre-production on our new film today.

Which means I will be lying to you regularly for the next 30 days.

I will put on a brave face and tell you that we’re going to do it, we’re totally going to raise $25,000 for our new film with Susan Isaacs! But. That will be a lie. I really have no idea if we’ll successfully do that…and on many days I’ll be morosely convinced of the fact that we won’t do it at all. Not in thirty days, not in a million years.

$25,000 is a whole lot of money to raise. And if past crowd-funded projects are valid benchmarks, it means that we will need at least 320 individual backers to reach the goal.

That’s about 11 yeses a day for the entire month of November.

So my cup is half-empty…except for when it is half-full.

We have a lot of friends. A lot of people (some of whom we’ve never actually met) who seem to like 1) the idea of Emily and I making big, ambitious movies from our home in Greenville, South Carolina, 2) the steadfastly not-cynical stories we share in these movies, and/or 3) the idea of being a hands-on part of real-live art being made. In fact, we know at least 500 people who fit into that category.

But. The economy! People can’t afford to spend money on handmade art projects.

So you can donate as little as one dollar to our project. That’s not a lot of money.

But it’s November…the holidays are just around the corner…people are going “inside” for the winter, focusing on their own families, not some guy’s little film. Besides, if you were any good at making films, you would need money from your buddies, Hollywood would be paying you to make them. And, I mean…aren’t you getting a little old for this, Chris?

Yes. Yes on all counts. And still…today I’m wearing the sunny face. My favorite of the two. The face that believes all things are possible. But not only that. Today’s face believe that only good can come from asking others to help you out.

(Besides. You should see my resume. Making movies is all I’ve got at this point.)