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 Madelaine Hoptry plays "Brooklyn" in TAKEN IN.

Madelaine Hoptry plays "Brooklyn" in TAKEN IN.

Today at 4, the film will be out there. “There” being among the “general public”…er, whoever shows up to see a film in Greenville on a Sunday afternoon.

(Hoping there are at least 50 general publics today…)

About a hundred people have seen an early draft of the film. Only Emily and Jeter and I have seen the final version. But that all changes today. Anybody who wants to see the film can. And this is it…this is what we’ve got. No more fixes.

I’m excited to watch the film with people. I want to hear them laugh (at the funny parts), want to know when they feel restless, want to hear their comments after. I’m not looking for glad-handing and attaboys. I’m plenty proud of myself and my team for making it. I want the film to be seen because I want to learn.

I want to get better.