Filmmaking \ A 12-Step Program

Added on by Chris WHITE.

Here’s how we make a movie...our 12-step program:

1. We think of a story we’d like to tell to the world. (It can’t be sentimental or cynical.)

2. We think of a handful of actor friends we’d like to embody the characters in our story.

3. We pass a hat and ask our friends and family to throw a few bucks in it. (They are nice, good people who believe in us, so they do.)

4. We write something that looks like a bulleted short story…or outline…or a really rough first draft of a play script. We call this our “screenplay.”

5. We look for locations to shoot, clothes for our actors to wear, and gear to shoot with.

6. We bring on a cameraman, sound guy, and a producer (Jen Baxley if we can get her).

7. We schedule our shoot.

8. We rehearse/improvise with our lead actors…as much as possible. This would be pretty boring for you to have to watch, but we think it’s fun.

9. We “go to camp.” That means we go to shoot our movie.

10. After shooting, we watch all the footage with our editor. Then, we start fitting it all together.

   Step 11:  TAKEN IN , picture-lock.

Step 11: TAKEN IN, picture-lock.

11. Once the pictures are assembled we work on the sound and music.

12. We layout the titles and credits, and drop them into the movie. The movie is done.

Today, we are on step #4.