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It feels something like being on a Navy ship steaming east across the Pacific…December 1945.

You’ve just left the most intense experience of your life. You’re alive. You’re elated, of course. But you’re also scared. You’ve no idea what happens next.

Laughing out loud and weeping uncontrollably.

That’s what I tell people when they ask how it feels to have a feature film “in the can” (i.e. on a 500 GB hard drive).

I dreamed of a story about a broken dad holding his broken daughter's hand…and that being enough. For now.

Maddis Last Shot.jpg

Monday afternoon, I saw it actually happen.

I cried on the drive home from South of the Border yesterday afternoon. But it was cathartic. And useful to download the story of this three-month journey to a long-time friend and mentor on a long phone call.

It’s all good, as they say. SoCal sunlight and perfect Wilson Brothers harmonies.