Added on by Chris WHITE.

It’s time for the Baby-Boom Generation (those Americans born between 1945 and 1960) to leave the proverbial stage.


Truly, this most remarkable generation has much to offer (as they never cease telling us), ut they have also taken far more than any other generation before them…demanded more, wanted more. And in doing so, they have lost and forgotten their children’s generation (mine), and laid an unforgiveable caretaking duty upon their grand-children’s.

It’s high time the post-Baby Boom generations take the lead in conversations about the size and scope of government, the role of science and religion…economics, technology, education, culture…the whole gamut.

Baby Boomers, we already know what you think…about everything. We are living in the world you created. And though we have most certainly benefitted from the Type-A world you’ve given us, we have ultimately found your social experiment lacking.

It’s time for you to go.

This is not a call for Baby Boomers to be put down…sent to retirement homes…or otherwise shut-the-hell-up. It is simply an urging to those over the age of 55 to stop dominating every cultural conversation, exploiting the talent and energy of those younger…to ease into wise-sagedom while graciously moving out of the spotlight.