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Summer 1984.

14 year-old Me had just seen INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. I loved it. And on a family trip that summer, I picked up a behind-the scenes, making-of magazine.

Reading and re-reading this publication, it soon dawned on me that I wanted to make movies when I grew up. Not just watch them.

But I lived in Columbia, not L.A.

My dad was a struggling entrepreneur. My mother worked in radio. We were devout Southern Baptists, happy suburbanites, college football lovers, and Ronald Reagan devotees. We were “normal people.” No contacts in the business. We loved movies but we didn’t make them.

So I got into drama at school, darkroom photography, and funny videos with my church pals. That would have to do.

When do "when I grow up" fantasies turn into a way forward? More specifically, how does one turn his outrageous "when I grow up" fantasies into anything resembling an adult plan?

It goes to entrepreneurship, I think. And when I say entrepreneurship, I'm not referring to "angel investors," "get rich while you sleep" schemes, or franchising. That's just street-level capitalism. Anyone can buy low, sell high. It doesn't rise to level of English-speakers appropriating a French word.

When I talk about entrepreneurship, I mean a Me-sized idea connecting with a You-sized need. Entrepreneurs serve others by turning their big ideas into products and services that are both useful and beautiful. Entrepreneurship is the ultimate risk. It's ruling out what is proven in favor of what must be proved.

I've made so many plans. I'm making some now. They are all variations on the big plan, "How Chris Serves Others and Gets Paid...Doing It As No One Has Done Before."

Yesterday, I went out with my son Whitaker (age 14) and his friends who were making a Vietnam-era war movie. It brought me back to age fourteen again...after TEMPLE OF DOOM, with my friends, making plans.

The dad in me is always asking Whit what his plan is. But the entrepreneur in me knows that he'll find it as he goes.

PHOTO GALLERY: Snaps from yesterday's shoot with Whit.