Fave Five Films

Added on by Chris WHITE.

So someone put a gun to my head and made me declare myself. These are, currently, my five most favorite films ever…in alphabetical order.


I saw this film half a dozen times in an actual movie theater…once with my dad, eating a pizza out of the box. It was my GODFATHER, my BLUE VELVET, my PULP FICTION. CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS is the film I want to make, every time I make a film.
LA JETÉE 1962 Chris Marker  
There is a point in this 22-minute slide show—a cinematic montage of black and white images set to narration and music—that is more breathtaking than Dorothy opening the door to Oz. Gets me every time…Marker bringing to life on screen, what is already alive in our imagination.
THE LIVES OF OTHERS 2006 Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck  
Theatre, totalitarianism, love, betrayal, conformity and dissent…this debut feature by a film school-trained, German schoolteacher (von Donnersmarck studied Russian literature and taught Russian as a second language) is the most satisfying political thriller I’ve ever seen. A stunning and important masterwork, and a humbling picture of pre-reunification East Germany.
MONEYBALL 2011 Bennett Miller  
I love every frame of this film…story, acting, the way it’s shot and directed. The ideas in the film…imagination applied to a seemingly insurmountable problem…one guy so believing in a new answer to the old questions that he is willing to go to the wall for it.
LA STRADA 1954 Federico Fellini  
Often cited as Fellini’s most accessible film, LA STRADA is a film packed full of brutality, darkness and pain…yet it’s run-through with a kind of unblinking, childlike sense of wonder and hope. “La strada” means “the way,” and for many, this film captures the very way of our lives.

So. What are your five favorite films?