Q&A with Producer Jennifer Baxley

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Jennifer Baxley…Line Producer for TAKEN IN…how did you and I first meet?

JENNIFER BAXLEY: It’s one of my best memories and it’s all summed up in just five small words…the “Curly Sue” Evening Gown Debacle.

What was your first thought when I called and told you that we were actually going to make a film?

JB: We’re going to need an alcohol sponsor. (Thanks Morganelli’s!)

 Jennifer Baxley and Madelaine Hoptry at wrap.

Jennifer Baxley and Madelaine Hoptry at wrap.

What’s the best part of making a movie at South of the Border?

JB: This is a really hard one. I have to be honest…filming at South of the Border was an unforgettable experience. The people are fabulous, the atmosphere is nostalgic, the surroundings are kitschy, AND our cast and crew cannot be equaled.

What was the funniest thing that happened during the shoot?

JB: I cannot go into great detail, but there is a certain pool-hand who felt he needed to show me the ficus where make-believe people were having sex in the branches.

What was the sweetest/sappiest thing that happened?

JB: Everyone on set, by the end of the shoot, was calling me momma.

Is it true that you slept in the “Ben Affleck Suite” during the shoot? How did that affect your work on TAKEN IN?

JB: It is VERY true. His spirit was there. I felt it most standing behind the unnecessary bar that protruded into the room. Ben Affleck is a very good filmmaker and I appreciated the late night whispers that were felt after 2 AM.

What do we do next?!

JB: We’re going to make more and better films, because truly great filmmakers learn from each project and they continue to produce. And didn’t we learn a lot? We have spunk and energy and creativity and the drive. Everyone reading this – watch us; help us; work with us; we will do great things!