"The Meaning of Christmas"

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Everything was going smoothly, then we got terrible news. Frank Oz, who was going to sing “The Meaning of Christmas,” could not come and sing. Frank Oz was at the time in London, filming and recording The Muppet Movie, in which he played Miss Piggy. And Frank, according to what we were told, could not be Yoda during the time his persona was Miss Piggy....But before we even had to confront that problem, RSO sent a message....saying the album is down. The album is cancelled....Why? George has serious concerns about any mixture of the metaphor of the Force with Christianity. I said, so, the problem is my song, “The Meaning of Christmas.”

It’s very pretty music and the lyric was, and it was very like Yoda, “I will tell you about many, many years ago/ on a planet far from here/ there appeared a new star shining for a single year/ men were far more different then/ much they did not understand.” It was real! It was one of those real songs, and the message was love each other, be kind to each other, be good to each other. And people were like crying hearing this song. But George did not want to intermingle the message of the Force with Christianity. And that was it, the album was over, case closed.

....I said, “Hey, wait a minute, that’s not what we do when we have a problem with the show!” Let’s rewrite the lyric. Who do I speak to? So I called the vice president of Lucas Films, Sid Ganis, and I said, “Hi, you don’t know me, I’m completely unknown, an insignificant songwriter who’s involved in this album and we’ve just heard it’s cancelled because of this.” I said, “Mr. Ganis, first of all, are you sitting in a jacuzzi out there?” He said, “No.” I said, “Mr. Ganis, on Broadway, when we do these shows, if the song is not working for any reason, we don’t close the show and lose all the production money, we repair it. ‘The Meaning of Christmas’ was an attempt to have us sing about the religious connotations and the message of Christmas, but Christmas isn’t just Jesus Christ, it’s also Santa Claus, wreaths on every door, decorating your Christmas tree, it’s a yule log and families coming together to give gifts. Let me rewrite the lyric.” He said, “OK.”

So I rewrote the lyric to what it is, which is obviously a shallow, treacley, insignificant, clichéd list of Christmassy kinds of things. I did it because we had done an album, we had all worked very hard, a lot of people were relying on it. It was an opportunity to get some fun things recorded. It started my career, I guess, as a commercial songwriter, and I felt I need to do this, for everybody and for myself: what’s wrong with a treacly Christmas message? We hear it all the time. It’s a light-hearted entertainment ... and the album’s back on!
— "A Star Wars Christmas" Andrea Warner for CBC Music
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